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A computer system needs you to prove your identity (e.g. with password). To avoid identity theft, use the best practices found below, and read awareness material about authentication.

DO: Use of a strong password and 2FA when possible.

DON'T: Don't write your password anywhere. Don't leave your equipment unattended and unlocked. Find more on this page, use the links to get around.


2FA Two-Factor Authentication          Password Policy



Cloud Usage


Cloud computing enables users to do more, faster. At the same time, users are increasingly concerned about security of their data online, and for good reasons.

Read the policy of CSEM regarding cloud usage and find out more about our solutions.

But even with the best security in place with the cloud, you need to apply security regarding:

  • Protect your access to the cloud (see Authentication)
  • Protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop (see Mobility)
  • Use a recommended cloud provider (Microsoft)
  • Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi (see mobility)


Also, see the CSEM IT Charter about the cloud usage.


Microsoft Cloud





Hackers look for breaches in a system and will exploit them for various reasons. The first step for them, is to get in the system, and nowadays, as networks are more robust and secured, the easiest path is through you, with social engineering, or phishing. Learn more about the vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself and the company from these threats. Also learn about what we are doing in order to enhance cyber security.